World War 2 investigation Fam. Scott


May I introduce myself my name is Roger Zoontjens and I life in the Netherlands “Kerkrade”. I was always interested in WW2. My grandfather told me a lot about WW2. I read a lot of books about WW2. But after years (2013 & 2014) we decided to visit the Normandy landing beaches. I read a lot about D-day but by reading a book you cannot see in what for a dimension this operation is been carried out. We visited also the cemeteries along this beaches. This had such impact to us (me and my family) that we decided that we like to adopt a grave at the American Cemetery at Margraten.

I wrote a letter to adopt a grave program. After a while we get l letter back. There was written in that all graves are adopted and it could take at least a half year to adopt a grave. We were terrified to here this. Happily, after a few months we got a letter again and they told us there was a grave free for adoption. There begins the story of my investigation. On the 5 may 2015 we received our Adoption certificate from Sgt. Paul R. Scott.

After we visited his grave at Margraten we like to now more about this soldier who has given his ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

I checked the database of field of honor. But there was no information about him. We had alone the information serial number and date of death.

After searching throw internet and reading a lot about 453

BOMB SQ 323 BOMB GP/H? I found some information that he was member of the “Reese Crew”, and was flying in an B26C marauder named “Toid Boid”. I found also that he was crashed at IJmuiden in The Netherlands.

I while later I found a contact from an air war researcher (Hans Nauta). He did send me a mail with an original photograph of the “Toid Boid” and the MACR report from the airplane. He gives me also a lot of information about the original crew members of the “Toid Boid”.

Now we had a lot of information. I had a new goal, finding family or relatives from Paul R. Scott.

I searched throw internet but could not find anything. After I while e posted a message to veterans lost and found. After a few days I get a message back they give me the names from Paul parents and his brother Woodrow Scott.

I found also on the internet site “find a grave” the grave of the mother and father from Paul. I searched for Woodrow Scott but I could not find anything about him. I posted a lot of messages on several site. After a few weeks I had a message that Woodrow Scott also was enlisted in the air force as bombardier but for the rest they had no information. Again I was searching but I could not find anything. I had contact with Golden Arrow research, they searched at the archive about the military service report, but they could not find anything because in 1973 there was a huge fire and a lot of documentation was burned, also the documentation about Paul.

On my work I discussed with a colleague he is also interested in WW2 and like to adopt a grave also.

I told him that I do not know what to do because I could not find anything. He says try to send an email to the cemetery of his parents perhaps they can help you. I send a mail to the Greenlawn Cemetery located in Milford, OH. I told them that I was searching for relatives from our adopted soldier.



I asked them that if there are relatives please give them my address and if they like they can contact me.

One day later we had a mail back from record Clerk Myrt Allen. She told  that they family like to have contact with us and she send us the contact address from the family. (Kenneth & Elizabeth Scott).

I send all my information about Paul R. Scott to the family after that day everything was going like a rocket. They were really excited about it and they showed everyone. After a few weeks I had an email from the wife of Woodrow Scott, Mary Lee Scott. She was very excited and she like to send me a letter with a lot of information and pictures from Paul. I was thrilled to hear that because finally I had contact with the family and a picture from Paul. This was for me the ultimate goal to say thank you. Our soldier has finally a face.


After receiving the letter, she told me that Woodrow Scott is actually Ivan Woodrow Scott (nickname Woody). There four I could not find any information. Unfortunately,he was also passed away at 23 May 2007. A few weeks’ later Garry Knepp contacted me he had spoken with Myrt Allen and she relayed the information about Paul Scott. He is teaching history and political science and history at the University of Cincinnati and lives just outside of Milford. And he has a great interest in local military history. He would like to write about“adopt a grave” program for a Veterans Day story for his column in the local newspaper. He researched also the family and he send me the newspaper with the article about Paul and mine family. Also he sends me a link I could look the presentation he made for the board of education. About Paul, Ivan, adopted a grave program and my Family. (See related articles bellow of his page who are published). Also what was new for me was that Ivan, Paul and Marry lee where visiting this school. Now the circle is round all these brave soldiers and especially the family who had given their ultimate sacrifice will be honored.

The family was there and they are honored by the school they visited. We are really proud the that we had a contribution to this.

But my story dos not end here. After I while I thought I would like to give more to the family and I investigated Ivan Woodrow Scott. Also I have now contact with the grandchildren from Ivan and Marry. It is a big family with eleven grandchildren. This is really great. We have a lot of contact with Facebook/email. I found a lot of thinks about our two brave soldiers. And I think my investigation will never be end. But it is a starting. Also I trying to update the databases from both soldiers so that they never will be forgotten.


It is nice investigated this but it should be also accessible for the future generation. To remember thes great genaration i volenteerd also the Fields of Honor foundation. This foundation made made a website for all our fallen heroes in Europe ( Including the database from Margraten. Every two years we organize the Faces of Margraten at the American Cemetery at Margraten Holland were we puth at each grave the Picture of our fallen heroes ( Also I update the website of the  American air museum in Britain.
Finally, I like to say thank you to all people who have helped me with my investigation especially Family Scott, Kenneth & Elizabeth Scott, Mary
Lee Scott, Peggy and Gerry Scott, Jennifer Scott, Joel Scott, Jeff Scott, Stephen Scott, Rachel Scott, Myrt Allen, all Grandchildren from Ivan and Marry, Garry Knepp and Hans Nauta and George de Vries.
I hope we have a positive contribution to honor ore liberators.

Written by Gary Knepp teacher history and political science and history at the University of Cincinnati 28 October 2015

Written by The Albany News Thursday November 10, 2016 ,Kathy Thomson 

Written by The Albany News Thursday November 10, 2016 ,Kathy Thomson  (Thank You!)